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When machinery is to moved, Manufacturers, Industrialist want their project fulfilled by an organisation in which they can place complete confidence. Jet Relocations has what it takes to excellence that confidence. We have large column of equipments for your Machinery Shifting needs that includes tractors, cranes, and lines of support gears to facilitate anything that needs to be relocated.We can load and unload, install equipments and place relocated equipments one or entire machinery. We know where to pick it and where to place it, Our team are experienced, reliable and efficient. Shifting Machinery requires a well coordinated effort of all parties involved including the owner, the Machinery manager to the trucker. We have the involvement to provide all require source to accomplish the entire move, including pre-planning, match marking, loading, unloading, dismantling and settling in place- All organised and executed to provide the best Moving solution to our customer.Jet Relocations Packer and Mover company provides a full range Moving package that includes Machinery Shifting, Installment, Loading and Unloading, warehousing and more. We take it from initial planning through all stages to until project completion. Over 20 years we have grown as a company and built boundless knowledge of the needs of successful machine moving. This means we are often open to solve any problems before that could have arised. That combines with our desire to undertake your Machinery Shifting project safely and securely means that you are in safe hands with Jet Relocations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you, whether it is Moving of one machine or the Moving of an entire plant. Please call us or just visit us at any time or just use our enquiry form we will take it from there, look forward to hearing from you.